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Your Loss i's gain

for every dollor you spend helping yourself get healthy, we will give 50% feeding the hungry.

Custom Health Challenges

We design well executed wellness challenges that lead to healthier lives and productivity. With so many challenger participants across a multitude of industries including large corporations, health coaches or groups of friends, no mater the industry we help. It's awlays a pleasure to hear that we help people reach their goals.

What seems impossible today

will one day be your warm up

Tackling anything alone is rarely an effective approach. The same theory applies to workplace health and wellbeing programs. Offer something that people can do individually and the uptake likely won’t be great; offer a health-related challenge that participants can communally tackle and you are capitalizing on peer motivation, peer inspiration, social enticement and the sharing of ideas, information, and goals. And everyone can have a little fun along the way.

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Engage. Encourage. Enjoy.

At the Meltdown Challenge, we believe that getting healthy can be enjoyable. When was the last time you heard that losing weight could be fun? Our fresh approach to wellness combines positive encouragement, education, and great prizes (optional).

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