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for every dollor you spend helping yourself get healthy, we will give 50% feeding the hungry.

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What is the Meltdown Challenge?

The Meltdown Challenge is a fun, competitive wellness program that offers great rewards. Hosting a Challenge is free and easy to do.

Challenge Low-down

Start your Challenge and invite anyone to participate. At the end of the Challenge, participants who have met their weight goals split the pool.

How it works?

What kind of groups usually start challenges?

  • Friends

  • Health Coaches

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • FB Private Groups

  • Non Profits

  • School Reunions / Weddings

  • Employee Challenges

  • Law Enforcement

  • Healthy Families

  • Gyms / Fitness Guru's

  • Bloggers

How does the Pool get Split?

Three options to choose from

Split the Pool

Hit your goals, and win cash! 75% of the money raised is split among the challengers who earn the required Healthy Points and achieve their weight loss or maintenance goals. Simple as that.

Affiliate Program

Help your friends, clients, and donors get healthy, while earning a little extra income for yourself! 50% of the proceeds go to the challengers, and 25% goes to you, the host.


Want to not only feel good but also do good? Start your own fundraising challenge and donate 75% of the funds raised to your preferred charity.


Grow your Challenge

With endless opportunities for customization, a game-based approach, and numerous fun prizes and incentives, it’s easy for your Meltdown Challenge to go viral, across all social media networks and platforms. Simply share, and sit back and watch as people join in! They’ll come for the fun and stay for the other amazing features of the Challenge, including important health tips and tricks, the opportunity to give to charities, and strong communal support.

Ready to start your Challenge?


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